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Sump Pump Repair - Annapolis, Baltimore, Eastern Shore

Sump Pump Repair

Basment Flooding? Pipe leaks?

Flooded basements can ruin your possessions and leave your house smelling musty. It can even allow hazardous mildew to grow - if if the leak in your basement is very small. Sump pumps can make sure if there is a major leak or a flood caused by heavy rains or water tables rising, the water will be removed from your home. Sump pumps keep water from accumulating and standing. They can also help with dampness by lowering the overall water table under your home's foundation.

Sump Pump Repair

Already have a sump pump, but it isn't working properly? We can fix it, or recommend and install a new system. Don't wait until the next big flood to find out your sump pump has officially failed.