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For over 30 years we have been offering plumbing services and new construction to Annapolis, Baltimore and surrounding areas.

Drain Cleaning and Repair - Annapolis, Baltimore, Eastern Shore

Drains become clogged all the time, and over-the-counter cleaning solutions don't always work with every clog. David White plumbing can clean seemingly immovable clogs but also replace drains that are corroded or  beyond repair. 

Drain Clogs

Drains can clog in several areas, including the main drain, any place there is a bend in the piping, sewer lines and fixture traps. We'll find where your clog originates and solve the problem. We employ cable (snake) cleaning services for seriously clogged drains.  This rotating, flexible cable can burrow through almost any clog, if the operator knows how to use it correctly and the chooses the proper cutting head an cable size. Luckily, David White Plumbing has the experience!

We won't leave a mess behind either. We'll solve your problem and leave your kitchen looking like we found it.